Our Surveillance System

Surveillance system

Dr IT is in practise to implementing a safety and security solution works to prevent theft, fire, vandalism, and other incidents that can hurt your company and its staff.

Video Surveillance

Just the presence of video surveillance deters thieves and trouble makers. The video footage will also help you with investigations if something does go wrong. You can feed your video to your computers, smart phones, tablets, and more.

Alarm Systems

Alarm systems offer both deterrence and detection that notify management when you have a problem. Monitored systems also notify emergency responders of the situation. Today’s alarm systems utilize a cellular connection for extra reliability over a land line and have interactive features with your smart phone to text important notifications, as well as, being about to be controlled through your phone’s apps.

Access Control

Advanced approach is to use an electronic access control system to provide a record of who opened or attempted to open an access point. This extra layer of security will prevent internal security breaches, as well as, those coming from outside your company’s walls. Often times wireless communicating deadbolts can be used effectively on exterior doors and interior doors to build an electronic access control approach for existing facilities.

Keep Passwords, Key Cards, and Other Access Systems Secured

Passwords need to be kept safe. We’ve all have seen sticky notes on computers and alarms! Passwords need to be well thought out and tough to guess. Passwords should utilize mixed case characters, letters and numbers, special characters, and be a minimum of 8 characters long. Passwords need to change over time to prevent breaches. When an employee leaves the company, their key cards, keys, and access needs to be collected and erased.

Employee Training and Awareness is Key

Even the best and most extensive safety and security systems will fail if your employees forget to secure a door or arm the system before leaving a sensitive area. After the system is designed and installed, make sure to educate your staff on how to best operate the system, including the use of configured reminder notifications.


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