Customer Lifecycle Management (CLM)


Customer Lifecycle Management (CLM)

Dr ITM Limited believes in designing, execution and continuous improvement in the complete customer life cycle management by designing the entire cycle from the concept stage to the end customer usage.

We live in age of empowerment, an age of freedom…to choose what we want, with far fewer entry and exit barriers than ever before.. From smart phones to furniture, credit cards to holiday packages, people want only the best…and Dr ITM Limited fulfills the end customer requirements through Customer Life Cycle Management.

Clearly, the need of the hour is top-of-the-line customer lifecycle management that focuses on enriching the customer’s engagement with the brand – from product/service evaluation to renewal/upgrade. Companies that offer a consistent, rewarding experience to customers across touch points stand a far greater chance of retaining them – and also of generating better word-of-mouth publicity, an aspect that can help reduce marketing spends significantly.


Since 1999, DR ITM Limited has specialized in enriching its clients’ conversations with end-customers. As a focused CLM service provider, we have created an organization in tune with customer lifecycles across industries – a factor that helps us, at DR ITM Limited, to bring agility and insight to engagements.