Dr ITM Limited digitized an extensive variety of records: personnel records for human resources departments, financial accounting records, Surveys, customer service records, risk and compliance records, supplier records, product files, technical dossiers, and many different types of administrative records as per specific requirement of clients.

Records often contain a great diversity of sub-documents inside (administrative documents, invoices photos, maps and plans, etc), often in different formats, colors, paper thickness, etc… Since we only invest in quality scanners, these different formats and types are smoothly digitized, creating a high-quality digitized archive that fits perfectly into the modern digitized office.


As a guide to just what can be achieved and how, see the records processing workflow that we are currently providing for a HR department for example which sends us their personnel records.

Preparation and classification

We prepare the documents for scanning: getting rid of staples, clips, going through folders, etc… Additionally, we organise the variation of files into groups and types.

Scanning and indexing

We index according to the Key record reference number and the type of file being treated, areas which have been previously designated by the client to fit in with his workflow and nomenclature (e.g. personnel leaving the company, CVs, payment agreements, etc…). Clever indexing saves time later when files need to organised and consulted.

Quality Assesment & Digitally Stored

Once the digital image has passed our quality control check, and the data has been generated, then the digital file is sent to the client. His database receives the data and updates automatically so that records can be consulted immediately and the workflow is never interrupted. Same can be done manually in consultation with IT Department of company.