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BPO- Data Analytics

DR ITM's BPO and Contact Center Business Intelligence solution is a set of tools and best practices that begin by collecting data from customer interactions, analyzing it to understand customer intents and insights and finally converting it into actionable recommendations that can improve the performance at all levels across the BPO organization. The solution represents a series of measures and Key Performance Indicators (KPIs) that must be captured, tracked and reported to ensure that departmental objectives are being met, keeping in mind the overall organizational and client objective.

DR ITM's solution integrates information from various systems within the BPO or Contact Center and consolidates it into a single, easy to manage data repository for use in providing personalized performance dashboards, automated reports and advanced analytical capabilities including drill-down, sorting and filtering. By accessing information from various data sources, you can set up different metrics to measure performance inside a Contact Center from Agent to Management level across Regions, across sites and across various processes handled by a BPO enterprise.

The solution has a key 'dashboard' specifically designed for the Top Management to assess their business through a single dashboard with drill downs to showcase exact cause and effect by analyzing all the past and current data and applying industry unique metrics and KPIs.Following diagram illustrates the key areas of analysis of the BPO Analytic Solution:

Attendance Analysis:

A single screen dashboard depicting actual versus goals across regions, sub-regions and sites . Drill down across timelines, across program LOBs and across different processes. Attendance has been identified by the industry as one of the single most factor that impacts quality, productivity and overall operational efficiencies.

Attrition Analysis:

Attrition has been considered as a challenge for the growth and success of the BPO provider's for a long time now. An early warning system and sign of attrition causes could greatly benefit the industry to take corrective measures. The DR ITM BPO Analytic solution does just that through a simple, easy-to-use dashboard with drill downs to identify the problem areas, thereby assisting in quickly addressing the issue.

Agent Productivity Analysis:

Ongoing success and growth of any BPO provider will depend on the kind of initiatives within to constantly improve and monitor productivity of agents and processes periodically. Gray Matter's BPO analytic solution provides the platform to spot opportunities constantly using historic and current data, analyzing this information using unique metrics and KPIs and creating avenues to different types of decision-making based on results. For example: Schedule Adherence, Schedule adherence measures the degree to which the specific hours scheduled are actually worked by the agents. Average Handle Time/After Call Work: A common measure of contact handling is the average handle time, made up of talk time plus after-call work.

Customer Analysis:

We use out-of-the-box metrics to measure customer's satisfaction levels and scores to arrive at unique results, which assists BPO providers to make subtle as well as radical changes to their Customer Servicing Methodology.

Call Analysis:

Call analysis has been one of the most critical metrics for all Voice based processes in the BPO providers industry. DR ITM has devised a BI solution which focuses a fair percentage of the Analytic Solution effort on this area. The methodology used to track and analyze different KPIs of the Call Analysis is so different from each other, that it gives the BPO provider's the insights which clearly gives perspectives and decision-making options to maximise customer satisfaction, complaint resolution and that all important Customer feel-good-factors.

Following are the areas covered in the Call Analysis Dashboard:
  • • AHT (avg call handled time), call abandoned, wrap time, avg. Talk time (individual agent wise).
  • • ABA (Abandonment Rate), percentage of calls abandoned while waiting to be answered.
  • • ASA (Average speed to Answer), Average time (usually in seconds) it takes for a call to be answered by the service desk.
  • • TSF (Time Service Factor), Percentage of calls answered within a definite timeframe, e.g., 80% in 20 seconds.
  • • FCR (First Call Resolution), Percentage of incoming calls that can be resolved without the use of a callback or without having the caller call back the helpdesk to finish resolving the case.
  • • TAT (Turn around Time), Time taken to complete a certain task.
  • • Transfer rate. The transfer percentage is an indication of what portion of contacts has to be transferred to another person or place to be handled.

Revenue/FTE Analysis:

This metric assists BPO providers to monitor and create benchmarks based on the average Revenue/FTE collected over a period of time and compare it with the industry average to rationalize expectations and real time. Several metrics and KPIs related to SPD (Sales Per day), ACV (Average Call Value) etc. are used to analyze and spot opportunities to increase revenue/FTE.

Besides the above key metrics the DR ITM BPO Analytic Solution is capable to scale to the exacting standards and specific requirements of a Provider within 2-4 weeks depending on the KPIs to be incorporated. Our BPO Analytic Solution also does Training Analysis, Process Quality Analysis, New Opportunities etc.